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Higher-up Commission

According to a May 21, 2001, order of the Executive Yuan, the central government assigned the following 15 duties to the Taiwan Provincial Government:
  1. Liaison in the communication and coordination of matters concerning county chiefs (mayors) and hsiang (urban/rural townships) and related ministries and committees.
  2. Review and approval of applications for overseas visits by county chiefs (mayors) and county (city) assembly chiefs, deputy chiefs and members.
  3. Coordination of county (city) governments to strengthen the handling of conscription affairs concerning the provision of solicitude (assistance) to military personnel killed, wounded or disabled on duty in Taiwan Province.
  4. Preparatory work for the coordination of inter-county (city) self-governance affairs.
  5. Providing assistance to the cultural affairs agencies of local governments in the arrangement of cultural activities.
  6. Arranging cultural festivals, art festivals, folk art festivals, and award commendations for filial acts in Taiwan Province.
  7. Providing guidance and assistance to provincial-level education, cultural and sports organizations.
  8. Arrangement of 慈輝班 at county (city) primary and middle schools.
  9. Coordinating local governments to strengthen the promotion of infrastructure, public facility development and maintenance, balanced urban-rural development, and small-scale engineering projects.
  10. Coordinating counties (cities) to strengthen agricultural and transportation development.
  11. Assisting local governments in district flood control work.
  12. Arranging provincial-level commendations for model workers and parents, and commendations for other model behavior.
  13. Coordinating counties (cities) to strengthen social welfare, labor administration, health and environmental affairs, and community development.
  14. Providing guidance and assistance to provincial-level professional and social organizations and foundations registered with the provincial government.
  15. Management of the maintenance, general sanitation, transportation and other relevant affairs of Jhongsing New Village, Guangsing New Village, and Liming New Village.

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